My 2014 Bookish Resolutions & Goal

As the year has come to end and I've found my love for reading once more I decided to set some bookish resolutions/ goals for myself for 2014. These are goals that I want to accomplish so that I can read more books, expand my mind and also enjoy a good read.

Reading has always been something I enjoyed as there are various genres, characters, worlds and situations to read about. Books are a great way to escape the madness in this world we live in. I realized how much I missed reading and how much I missed by not continuing with my reading after high school, but 2014 will bring forth continuous joy in the world of books!

I mostly enjoy reading books via my tablet either on my eReader app (Moon+ Pro) or Google Play Books. I find that eBooks are much more convenient, accessible and easy to work with as I can carry my tablet and hold over 400 books (yes I own 375 books as of today). Yes it sucks that it runs on batteries, but I also I have the same eReader app and Google Play Books on my phone so I'll always have a good book to read with.

With that being said, here are my 2014 Bookish Resolutions:

1) Read 100 books
I'll settle for reading a total of 65 for the year, but my goal is 100 books from various genres. Mostly YA books as I find them to be a bit more entertaining and diverse, but I'll branch out to some NA and more Contemporary as well.

2) Read 10 series.
I really want to complete 10 different duologies, trilogies or series. There are a ton of great series that I've heard about and want to check out. This also include novellas and graphic novels. For a list of series I want to read and have completed check my series list.

3) Read 5 classics.
I'm not really a classics kind of reader, but I do remember back in High School having to read a bunch by the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickinsons and a few other good writers. I want to re-read a few good classics such as Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations this year. At least 5 good ones will do.

4) Read 2 graphic novels.
Not sure why, but I want to get into graphic novels which is the closest I'll ever get to manga. I know that there is one for the Vampire Academy and City of Bones that I want to definitely check out.

5) Review every book I read.
As I read each book, I want to write a review on my blog and on Goodreads. It's always good to look back on why you enjoyed or disliked a book. Reviews also help out other readers interested in a book you've read.

6) Monthly wrap-ups & TBRs.
I want to keep track of how many books I've read each month and also compile a list of 6 books to read for the next month. This gives me a chance to see what new genres I'm reading, which authors I like and get my reading list set for the next month without having to ponder for days what to read next.
I've also created a TBR Stand Alone Jar and a TBR Series book to help me pick out which books to read for the next month in a more fun way instead of just guessing what to read next.

7) Use Goodreads a lot more.
I have discovered Goodreads via YouTube in October and I've fallen in love. I've joined 8 groups and keep track of books I want to read and have read. I want to continue utilizing Goodreads and begin to interact more with the Goodreads community by commenting on peoples statuses and even commenting on discussions and group posts.

8) Keep track of books I read via a book journal.
I have started doing this already, but I want to continue on with it and keep up with it as well. It will help me to recommend books as asked and just see what books I've read for the year.

9) Become more active in the Booktube community.
Be more active as in comment on blogs and videos and make at least one Booktube friend. I want to really get full use of the Booktube community by finding new books to read, checking out reviews, finding out about book releases and maybe even entering a few challenges and/or giveaways.

10) Make use of my local library.
I currently live in NYC and my local library is literally 3 blocks away from my house. Once I move to NJ with my fiance, I won't have access to a library as I think the local library out there is shutting down. For those days when I want a physical book or when I can't find the eBook for a certian book the library would just seem much more reasonable to use instead of spending money on a book.

My 2014 Bookish Goal is as follows:

Purchase an actual eReader.
I currently read eBooks via my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0) and my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). Even though it's quick and easy to do, I want to get an actual eReader so that I can use my phone and tablet for their "proper" uses. I was going to get a Kindle Paperwhite, but seeing as I like to read ePub files and Kindle only takes mobi files I opted for the Nook HD in Snow White. Why? 
1) It comes in white so it'll match my tablet and phone (OCD yes I know). 
2) Reads ePub files. 
3) The battery won't die as quick. 
4) The same size as my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 -- 7inches.
5) Comes in color.
6) Has expandable storage with sd card slot compared to other eReaders (Kindle Fire & Kobo Arc 7)
I just think owning an eReader would be much better so that I can free up the space on my phone and tablet for other things such as pictures of my son and wedding, contacts, videos, notes and etc. Don't you agree?

These are my bookish goals for the year that I hope to achieve. What are yours?

Enjoy your New Years Eve!