Book Review | The Purest Hook by Scarlett Cole

Title: The Purest Hook

Author: Scarlett Cole

Series: Second Circle Tattoos #3

Age: New Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: May 3, 2016

Publisher: Swerve

Source: NetGalley

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Can a love built on secrets survive?

Rugged, hot, and rock hard, Dred Zander is exactly the type of man that normally sends Pixie running. Not dreaming about running her hands down his washboard abs...and lower. The lead singer and guitarist for the band Preload embodies trouble behind his quick smile and guarded eyes, and Pixie left trouble behind her years ago along with the name Sarah Jane Travers and the pathetic trailer her mom called home. With her abusive past in her past, she has a new life, a new family at Second Circle, and a dream of opening her own business. She needs capital and time. What she doesn't need is a tempting long-haired rocker or the paparazzi that follow him around.

But Dred has other ideas. Pixie's sweet hazel eyes, purple hair and kaleidoscopic tattoo of exotic flowers that swirl up her arm haunt his dreams, and he knows she wants him too. He just has to convince her. But as a juicy exposé threatens to expose their pasts, and a blackmailer terrorizes their present, Pixie and Dred have to decide what really matters and fight like hell to keep it.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
This was a good follow up companion. Not my favorite of three that I've read so far, but still pretty awesome if you ask me. The romance was adorable, the drama was interesting, the characters were dynamic and the growth between each character was good.

Sarah Jane aka Pixie has ran away from home seven years ago and hasn't thought much of it until an unlikely person resurfaces into her life. Pixie was a very broken woman, but to no fault of her own. Even though she dealt with some crazy things, she learned to open up in her own timing and at her own pace. She even was able to experience the beauty of sex without having a breakdown which I thought was amazing. Pixie was a smart woman and she deserved such beautiful things out of life. She had a great family with Second Circle Tattoo.

Dred is the lead singer in a group called Preload. He's always had a thing for Pixie, but never really budge on it until now. Dred is an amazing guy. He's not your typical douchebag celebrity. He's caring, sweet, kind, protective and loving. The tender care he gave towards Pixie and never pushing her for what he wanted was amazing. It showed that despite his past -- which was sad -- he could love and care deeply. The things this woman Amanda did to him seriously pissed me, but Petal was such a darling. I also loved the family he had with his bandmates/ "brothers" because they made their own even when their real families didn't want or care for them.

The romance was beautiful because they both already knew each other and had feelings for another. I liked that Dred never gave up on trying to get Pixie to say yes to a date with him. I loved the sexual tension they had without the drama of forcing Pixie into things. I loved seeing how Dred grew into a better man and Pixie grew into a better woman. They deserved one another truly.

Trent and Cujo will continue to be awesome guys for me. The love they have for Pixie is amazing. I love how they took her in, helped her out and loved her like a sister. Never judged. I love them, they were amazing until the end. Same thing with Lia. Can't wait to read her story next.

Arnie is major dickwad of a stepfather. I have no words for him whatsoever. I cannot believe all that he did to Pixie and contiuned to do to her. He is one sick man. I wish Dred, Trent and Cujo would have jumped him...just saying. As for this bozo ass manager Sam he should have been knocked on his ass severely. They all should have socked him. I love how Jordan stood up to him. I can't believe how crazy this man was. Ugh these two men disgusted my soul.

Overall, it was a great story. Can't wait to read The Darkest Link because Heather comes back into the picture since it's bout her brother and Lia. Excited.

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