Book Review | Lost in Time by Alyssa Richards

Title: Lost in Time

Author: Alyssa Richards

Series: The Fine Art of Deception #3

Age: Adult

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Time Travel

Publication Date: November 28, 2016

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Searching for the answers she needs, will Addie lose everything she has? 
Adeline “Addie” Montgomery is searching for the truth. As she and Blake travel back to 1922, she expects her nemesis Otto is behind a string of art forgeries. The only problem is that the villain has completely disappeared. Addie must now find Otto without blowing her cover to keep the past intact, as long as a lover from a past life doesn’t get in the way… 
Blake Greenwood wants nothing more than to catch Otto and return to the present with Addie, the love of his life. When his mother goes missing as well, he leaves Addie alone with his half-brother to save his family. As the future begins to change in unexpected ways, Blake and Addie begin to question everything. Can they find Otto and save their relationship before what they had disappears for good? 
Lost In Time is the third book in an absorbing series of paranormal romance time travel novels. If you like museum capers, psychic powers, and romance that’s both steamy and sweet, then you’ll love Alyssa Richards' thrilling conclusion to the Fine Art of Deception Series.

My Rating: 

Quote(s) I Like:
"You don't protect a living thing by shoving it away someplace. That's what a relationship is -- it's living, breathing thing with a heartbeat. It has needs -- viable needs -- like kindness and togetherness and nurturing and...connection, for God's sake! And just like any other living thing, when it doesn't get what it needs for survival, it dies." - Addie

"Relationship is a risk and being here is a risk and letting someone in is a risk. If you want me and if you want us then you're going to have to take that risk. You're going to have to quit being so selfish and have some trust. Otherwise I can't be responsible for what happens to us." - Addie

"He did. He also said that if he thought for a moment that you loved him a hair's breadth more than you loved me that he'd take you back to the twenties and I'd never see you again. As it was he thought we should talk one more time." - Blake

My Thoughts:
Man oh man! Alyssa Richards has seriously outdone herself with trilogy. It encompasses love, passion, deception, heartache, reality and alternate reality. Just a stunning from start to finish. Each character was created with such care and have developed so well over the course of the trilogy. This conclusion has gripped my heart. It made me laugh and cry.

Addie has become a much more stronger woman. Living in the 20's for 2 years has changed her for the better. She's definitely as sassy as her nickname implied. She speaks her mind a lot more and knows that things need to change. She may have been afraid of change, but when hard times came she stared it in the face and did what needed to be done. Addie is an understanding woman that loves her some Blake, but she also knew within that love she had to let go even if it hurt. Addie is the epitome of an outstanding woman.

Blake, even though a very strong man, has become much more self-centered and controlling in this conclusion. I did not like it one bit. He was rude, ignored Addie and pushed everyone away just to save his mother and get rid of Otto. In his obsession he slowly started to transform into his father. Blake just pissed me off up until the end of the story when he finally came to his senses and snapped out his funk. Even still, I loved him because it showed how he was starting to mature and grow as his own man and not as Otto's son. Blake definitely had a lot of character development in this conclusion.

The romance was written so effortlessly and with such a delicate hand. After two novels where Addie and Blake are head over heels with one another they now face troubled times after staying in the 20's for 2 years searching for Otto and Carolena. Blake has let his fears and search overtake him putting their relationship in jeopardy and things just kept going wrong from there. Blake being so arrogant and controlling paired with Addie becoming more sassy and ready to turn away really brought the romance to new levels. Throw in the alternate timing of Addie being with Philippe and you have such an amazing, heartwrenching romance.

I enjoyed seeing how they dealt with their run ins with their former selves as Jack and Sarah. That was absolutely amazing. I didn't like how things had begun to change for themselves. I was at the edge of my seat when things started changing for Blake and Jack -- complete jaw drop for me. I like how Addie fixed it though.

Otto is a diabolic man. Hands down, no words else to say -- however, he truly was a broken man in many ways. I think he just needed to feel loved and the thought of having complete control over things made him feel that. I hated from beginning to end because there was always something off and dark about him. I started feel bad when he met his demise -- ugh that scene with him and his son's. The conversation...I cried!

Philippe was really sweet. I knew he must have wanted more from Addie, but finding out the history behind them was amazing. I thought he would try to weasel his way in, but he truly was a gentleman and did the right thing. Especially at the end -- I was shocked. I freaking loved him!

Carolena is a brave woman. She left a man she knew was spiraling out of control to protect her son. She then goes back to Otto to continue protecting their son, while losing some of her soul. She is an amazing, strong woman; a phenomenal mother. I did love her from start to finish in this trilogy. She has some true strength. John & Campbell are still amazing men. I hated their choice at the end, but I did understand.

Those last few chapters tore my soul, but the overall ending was absolute perfection! Once again, this trilogy is awesome. If you're looking for a paranormal romance that's focused around psychics and time travel, definitely grab this trilogy. It's simply amazing!

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