Review: Wicked Lies

Wicked Lies Wicked Lies by Lora Leigh
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Wicked Lies is a really great romance novel with hints of erotica and suspense thrown in. This book had me highly intrigued from the first few pages especially the way Lora Leigh goes back and forth between characters and making it flow beautifully.

Kenni has returned home under the name of someone else. She returned to find out who killed her mother and attempted to kill her. Kenni was used to running so when things got crazy she tried to run, but her loved ones wouldn't allow her to. I absolutely loved Kenni! She may have been weak and ready to run, but even with that she was quick, smart and new how to protect herself against anything. Ten years on the run and 2 of which she hid in plain sight taught her so much about survival.

Jazz was so damn hot! I love a man like him that knows what he wants, demands, goes after and keeps it. He was freaking awesome. His attraction to Kenni when she was pretending to be Annie was clearly sexual and a bit of mental intrigue, but when he realized who she was he went head over hills for her. Jazz is quick, temperamental, protective and downright dangerous which makes him all around the perfect guy.

The romance cannot be described between Kenni and Jazz because it's always been there between them. Even when Kenni pretended to be someone else she felt the love she always has for Jazz and same for Jazz. Everything just intensified ten times more with her return and being back together again. Now that they were both grown they could be together without any issues.

The Maddox brothers were freaking amazing! They were the type of brothers I wish I could have. Protective, loving, caring and jokesters. Lucia, Kenni's aunt and step mother, is seriously one hell of a deranged woman. I cannot believe all that she did. From one Maddox brother to the next and in doing so she destroyed herself. I don't get why she went after her sister, but she is one cold woman. Glad she got what she deserved.

Such a phenomenal read. Might check out the other books in this companion series.

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