Review: Protecting What's His

Protecting What's His Protecting What's His by Tessa Bailey
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This was fascinating, I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. The characters were intense, hilarious and had a bit of drama.

Ginger has left Nashville with her little sister and moved to Chicago to have a better life for themselves. She thought everything would be easy, but was hit in the face with reality and new discoveries. I absolutely loved the boldness Ginger exuded. She didn't bit her tongue, she knew how to use her body despite being completely inexperienced. Even though she strutted with such boldness, she was truly vulnerable and scared of life. I loved seeing her walls breakdown and her start to not feel comfortable in her own skin, but also experience real love.

Derek is a hot, dominating, demanding lieutenant. He was always direct about his intentions and feelings toward Ginger. He never fell in love with anyone before meeting Ginger. One thing I loved is that even when Ginger put up her barriers, he saw right through them and kicked them down. He wouldn't allow her to back down, be ashamed or be scared. He made her deal with her emotions and truths. He was just the perfect guy.

The romance was absolutely perfect. The way they met to how rude and sarcastic they were to each other was truly hilarious. I loved the way they both said what they felt without holding back. I enjoyed the sex between them because even though Ginger wasn't experienced she knew how to let go of her inhibitions and be in-tune to her sexuality freely. Derek was just so dominating and rough but it worked for them both. The romance absolutely cute.

Willa, Ginger's little sister, started out as a girl that didn't care much and felt alone. After moving to Chicago, she began to open up to her sister and really live her life like a teen should. I loved her sarcastic comments and the way she tried to help Ginger. Absolutely amazing little sister.

Valeria is a terrible mother. I had no respect for her. She just is a disgrace. Even after Ginger saved her, she had no remorse whatsoever. I feel bad that Ginger and Willa had to deal with her as a mother, they definitely deserved better.

I'm definitely going to read the novella, Protecting What's Theirs, now to find out what more happens between Ginger and Derek.

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