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Mer-Charmer Mer-Charmer by Amy Bearce
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Mer-Charmer was a pretty good sequel to Fairy Keeper. This focuses on Phoebe Quinn 4 years after the horrific events she faced after her father gave her away to Bentwood. This was pretty cool story, it did lack some details here and there, but it was beautifully written. The world of Aluvia is absolutely fascinating to me.

Phoebe Quinn is now fourteen years old and lives with her sister and Micah. She has felt trapped ever since Sierra stopped her from traveling with her. She now escapes to the ocean to see her merfriends and feel a since of belonging. Phoebe always wanted to have some type of magic, but she never felt any of her own until she stepped into the ocean and her powers were awakened. Phoebe is absolutely phenomenal. She may be quiet and timid, but when it came to the merfolk she got brave and started to become outspoken, no longer the little girl she used to be.

Phoebe reminded me of Sierra in the way that she risked her life for her charges. She was willing to give up everything to save them. What she did eventually give up was amazing. She is so much stronger than I would have thought, but I'm so glad she got her happy ending.

Tristan was freaking hot! I enjoyed how he and Phoebe tried to hide their feelings for one another even with the pull she had on the merfolk. He was brave, loving, daring, bold and so much more. Tristan is definitely the right guy for Phoebe. Mina, Tristan's twin sister, was such a joy! She always seemed to taunt Tristan into admitting his feelings and always found a way to hint his feelings to Phoebe.

Sierra Quinn, Phoebe's older sister and fairy keeper, definitely was a bit too overprotective and absolutely smothered Phoebe. I know that the things that happened in the first book scared her, but I think she should have let her have more freedom or at least told her the truth about Bentwood's men.

Elder Odessa was just downright rude -- she made me laugh so much because even though she was nice in helping Phoebe, she always made sure to let her know she didn't like or trust her. Not to mention, she was the mother to Tristan and Mina -- that woman was hilarious. Baleros was downright evil as hell. I didn't like what he did to Liam or his father. I couldn't believe how he was. I will say, he definitely got his butt handed to him by Phoebe.

Overall, this was pretty awesome and I'm definitely interested in reading the third book in this series when it's released.

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