Review: Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones
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I received a review copy through NetGalley.

Oh my word! This was absolutely beautiful! I've never read anything from Lisa Renee Jones, but I do own a bunch of her novels. This book alone has made me a fan of hers. This was drenched in so much mystery and drama yet still held that romantic sex appeal. This was just everything and more.

Amy is an absolute delight. Her life has been changing non-stop for so long that she lost her true self. It wasn't until she met a dominating man on a plane that she decided to live. I adored Amy because even though she should have been cautious, she was bold in a ways that bought out a fierceness in her. She stopped truly running in the end and wanted answers she was determined to get. After being alone so long, she finally opened up and was able to live a somewhat full life and enjoy it while she could. I loved the growth and and I'm excited to see how it plays out for her.

Liam is a hot, demanding man with his own demons. I loved how blunt and straight forward he was with Amy from the time they sat down next to each other in first class. His motto of being "raw and honest" was absolutely amazing. I'm not sure if he did research on Amy after meeting her or if he knew her for some time, but I loved how sweet, caring and protective he was of her. He definitely had some type of love for her which was absolutely amazing.

The romance was pure satisfaction. I enjoyed the way they felt a pull to be together. Liam taking control when he thought he need to was amazing. The way Amy let her guard down was nice. The relationship was head strong and at first glance, but the way the walls broke down took some pushing which I enjoyed. The sex was fabulous! Liam knew how to please and without any shame.

Jared seems to have been a friend of her brother's and placed to watch after her. I think there is more to him and the whole ordeal with Amy's brother. I'm not sure if Jared is a good guy or not -- but one thing for sure...he was too damn creepy. He always wanted to be alone with her.

All the secrets and lies that are going on is absolutely intriguing. I'm definitely interested in seeing what happens next for Amy and Liam. What else will she remember? What was Liam really doing? Will she find out who her "handler" is? So many questions, which makes reading the sequel appeal to me even more.

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