Review: Dark Lover

Dark Lover Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was so good!

Beth was such an amazing character. Where most people would freak out, she did not. She stayed calm, she dealt with everything the best she could and she survived. I loved her sassy attitude and I love how she never backed down from Wrath. She always said what she wanted, even when she knew she probably should have been scared to. Despite, how he was to her, she still cared for him in a way most people couldn't. Beth was absolutely phenomenal.

Wrath is a purebred vampire born of royalty. He should be King to his people, but he doesn't want that responsibility. For years, he has hated himself for not being able to protect his family and it made him feel weak. It wasn't until his dear friend Darius came to him with a request -- to protect his daughter Beth. In doing so, Wrath was able to not only find love, but begin to live his life in more happy manner. I loved Wrath because he never tried to pretend he was something else. He knew who he was and had no shame it. He was bad in a good way. I loved his rugged way and I loved how dominating he was. Wrath is definitely my kind of vampire! Hot, dominating, protective and downright dangerous.

Butch pissed me off at first, but as the story progressed along I realized that he wasn't so bad. I loved that he cared for Beth and even when he realized she wasn't attracted to him, he still continued to be there for her and tried to protect her. My favorite part with him was definitely when he was with Marissa and thought she was putting on the innocent act -- that was priceless humor for me.

The Brotherhood was so hot! I seriously love them all; Tohrment, Rhage, Vishous, Phury and Zsadist. I definitely want to read their stories. The Scribe Virgin definitely seems a bit of an iffy character to me. Not sure how I feel about her yet.

I definitely recommend it if you are into a adult paranormal romance with a bit of an erotic twist. It definitely will get your blood flowing!

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