Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Mist and Fury A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
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Oh my! Words cannot express the look on my face as I finished this novel. I mean Sarah J. Maas is such a brilliant writer. This sequel was by far out of this world and flipping phenomenal. Her characters, the world building, the action, the deception -- it was all just perfection.

Feyre is so strong! After being broken from Under the Mountain she is now battling with her human emotions and the powers she seemed to have gotten from the seven high lords. She is trying to deal with life by shutting out her emotions. I think she was absolutely brave when she left the Spring Court. In doing so, she found herself, her power, her new life and began to fully live. She is so much stronger, magically, than I would have ever expected her to be since she was a human at first. I absolutely loved seeing her learn her new powers and use them to help out where she could. I appreciated that she wasn't weak and didn't want to be a trophy wife to anyone. She wanted to be a wife, but also be able to live her life and help others in the mix. She is beautiful, smart, daring, strong, bold and I can't wait to see how devious she becomes in the next book!

Tamlin was so sweet at the beginning, but then he became such an overbearing douche-bag. I can't deal with him anymore, especially after learning what he did to Rhysand's family or he sold out his land just to get Feyre back. He never really cared for her and it's sad because I was rooting for them, but now I'm rooting for his downfall. Lucien is too much of a punk, but I still love him and I understand that he was stuck in hard place and now he is in an even harder place. I hope he sides with Feyre.

Rhysand is SOOO amazing! All the rumors about him and the act he puts on is not who he is. This book truly opened my eyes up to how sweet, caring and loving he is. He is not the hardcore lord he pretends to be and he does it all to protect his people and that is absolutely noble. Even in his bargain with Feyre -- it frustrated me at first, but the way things went just made me love him even more. I can't believe how awesome he is. I'm totally loving him and rooting for him to win. He truly deserves to be happy. He is proof that darkness doesn't have to always be ugly because he is pure beauty in a poetic way.

The romance was impeccable. I mean this started off hot and steamy between Feyre and Tamlin u until their wedding day. Things were great, but of course Tamlin took the protection to an ultimate high. As much as I did like the romance between them when Feyre was a human, they are not right for each other anymore. However, Feyre and Rhysand -- good lord, yes ma'am. These two knew how to have fun, give space and still be who they were. Rhysand never allowed his feelings for Feyre to become overbearing. They were just perfect and that twist or rather the truth behind his bargain was just insane, but perfect.

The Night Court is talked about as if it were a horrible, evil place, but it's truly a work of art. Rhysand does an amazing job taking care of his people. He doesn't allow his title and power to go to his head. The King of Hybern and the mortal queens are just idiots. I can't wait until Feyre kills them all.

I need the third book right now!! This left me drooling for more! I mean Lucien is so smart!!! Is he going to continue to question Feyre or will he betray Tamlin to get to his mate, Feyre's sister Elain? Will Tamlin find out the truth? What of Ianthe...will she die? OMG so many questions -- I love the series! Highly recommend it!

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