Review: Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Written in Red Written in Red by Anne Bishop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anne Bishop is a such a brilliant writer! Written in Red was a phenomenal paranormal read! I enjoyed the world, I loved the Others and not to mention the bond that was slowing growing between humans and the Others. The characters were all well written and developed throughout the story.

Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, a blood prophet. She has runaway because she is sick of being locked away and being told what to do with her life. She ran right into the terrority of the Others. She found a place to work, as the human liaison, which landed her a place to hide. When danger started to approach and her secret was shared she became apart of the Others. I loved Meg because she was sassy and never backed down from any of the Others. She was sweet and never intentionally caused problems for anyone. She had her moments when she did seem a little naive, but she was always willing to learn and even put herself in danger to save others. I loved her so much!

Simon Wolfgard is the leader at the Courtyard and is also a wolf. He hires Meg after seeing her outside in the winter. He has his reservation about her, especially since she doesn't smell human or like the Others. When he learns that she is a blood prophet he and the Others decide to make her one of them. I loved Simon because he couldn't hold back his aggression in human form. Everything he said or did to Meg seemed rude, but it wasn't meant to be. I love seeing how he went from being coldhearted towards her to being kind and sweet around her. I think he is developing some serious feelings for her and I love that. Simon is badass all the way in his wolf form and human form.

The Others were all freaking awesome. I loved how fierce and sweet Tessa was. Nathan was an awesome bodyguard. Jenni was freaking hilarious. Jester was cool. I especially LOVED Sam. I loved the major growth that took place in his life when he was around Meg. Sam was the best adventure buddy ever! Erebus, Nyx and Vlad were the most phenomenal and creative vampires I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. Winter, Autumn, Air and Water -- they are some fierce and fiery elemental sisters. I honestly every single paranormal being -- including the ponies!!!!

Monty, the human police liaison, was freaking awesome! I love that he didn't see the Others as scary or mean. He kept his mind open to helping everyone and that made me enjoy his character. He always kept Simon and Meg informed about the things going on, especially when it came to the collector wanting Meg back.

Asia Crane is a ditsy chick. I could not stand her one freaking bit! She was annoying and aggravating. Everything she went through and did just to become an actress was so stupid. I still think she deserved a far worse death than she received.

This collector guy looking for Meg is rather annoying as well. I want to know who the hell he is and I can't wait til he is found and killed.

That ending was freaking awesome!!! Now that was a battle I enjoyed reading. The action, firearms, the wolves, vamps and all the Others fighting to protect Sam and Meg was outstanding. The anger and the care that radiated off of Simon was just perfection. Not to mention finding out what the new drug, "going over wolf" that's causing the humans and the Others to kill each other could possibly be was insane.

I am so stoked to see what happens next for Meg and Simon in Murder of Crows. Hopefully it's packed with a lot more action in it.

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