Review: Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

Threats of Sky and Sea Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision
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Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Jennifer Ellision is a fantastic writer. She has written an amazing fantasy novel surrounded around the idea of elementals. Elementals are people that control different elements such as air, fire, water and earth. In the story they are known as riders, torchers, throwers and shakers. I love the characters and the world. I just wish there was more action involved.

Breena Rose Perdit is 16 years old and lived a wonderful life with her dad in a small town as a barmaid helping run the tavern. She never imagined her life to change or become hard, but one night running into elementals have done just that. She finds out her dad is a Duke and worked for the King of Egrian. They are taken to the King and then separated; Breena joins that court and her father is thrown into the dungeon. Apparently, her father holds the treasure and they all want to know what or rather who it is.

Breena is a very strong girl. She never backed down from the elementals, she always spoke her mind and always kept true to herself. I loved how snarky she could be, but at the same time how she could immediately be obedient when need be. She never wanted to live like a royal, she just wanted her simple life back. When she had to find out exactly who she really was and who her real parents were I felt so bad for her. For sixteen, or rather seventeen years of her life she lived a lie. Finding out she was a thrower just turned her world upside down, watching Lady Kat do what she did to her dad had to be heartbreaking. I know she is going to be fierce as ever in the sequel.

Prince Caden is so awesome. I love him more so as Rick. I love how he actually seems to care for the people of Egrian and not just the power and lands he can rule. I enjoyed seeing him fall for Bree and tell her how he feels. I wonder if he knew who she truly was.

Lady Katherine was evil as evil can be. This woman not only was a rider, but was also a freaking torcher. Insane she truly is. I can't understand how she could be so downright evil. Did she love the king? Did she want to always be number one? Did she think that having two powers made her more important? I don't get it. I just hope she is dead and doesn't survive that attack.

Princess Aleta is a very intriguing person. I wonder if she will learn the truth about who she isn't and who she really is. Her power as a torcher should have been a sign to her that she isn't even the princess, but hopefully she finds out the truth and moves on. Adept Tregle is so freaking sweet! I love how he helped Bree out when he could. I love his attraction towards Aleta. I hope they get together. They are truly meant for one another.

The King of Egrian is power hungry man and like any other power hungry king, that will be his downfall. He wants to much and just expects everyone to do what he says. I wonder if he has a power that he is hiding. I don't like him at all.

I am so excited to read the sequel, Riot of Storm and Smoke, to see what happens for Bree and if she'll let the people know who she really is. Great start to an awesome YA fantasy trilogy.

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