Review: Lie with Me

Lie with Me Lie with Me by M. Never
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

This was a great addition to the Decadence After Dark series. I loved the first three books there were centered around Ellie and Kayne's love life. Now with the next two books we get insight on their friends and family members. M. Never has an extraordinary way with combining abuse with the worlds or BDSM and prostitution that really grips me from beginning to end. I can always sit and read her books in a day. Phenomenal erotic writer.

This book was full of twists, excitement, danger and hot sex! Tara Stevens and CJ Carmichael had a fling six months ago during the time that Ellie and Kayne got married. They had to keep it a secret because the life that CJ lives isn't pretty and they are 10 years apart not to mention they lives miles apart (her in NY and him in Hawaii). What they thought would be a fun night, turned out to be more of a burning passion that could never be extinguished.

Tara Stevens is the younger sister of Ellie. Tara's story isn't as brutal as Ellie's but she still stayed strong. She was smart, talented, outspoken and always into sex. The secrets she had going on blew my mind away! I couldn't believe what she really did for a living and her ex (Nino) was a major douche-bag for trapping her into it.

CJ is freaking phenomenal. He is definitely my third favorite because Kayne and Jett take the cake for first and second, but I do love him. He's an alpha male, hardworking, loving, protective and downright sexy in and out of the bed. I loved his story about his military background. CJ was just awesome! That fight scenes -- I drooled because the words made me visualize him in the ring and when he was out of it sweaty! Even though he had his moment when I wanted to jump in the pages and beat him senseless, he apologized and came to his senses, so I still love him!

Let's talk about all those hot, steamy sex scenes! Gosh, they blew my mind to places I would never like to discuss. I adored the sex in this book. It wasn't as hardcore as what was in the first three books in the series, but they were A M A Z I N G! Let's not forget to mention that fantasy Tara had -- the one that CJ so graciously fulfilled for words, just all the feels in the world.

The whole dynamic of this story was pretty awesome. I love the new characters such as Philly, Slade and Nino. Even though I hated Nino from the start and thought Slade was cool up until the end they all played a great part in the story. I loved the appearance that Kayden and Jett made. I mean seriously -- I cannot get enough of them!

I am so obsessed with this series and who real and raw (pun intended) it gets. I'm excited for the 5th book which will be all about Jett!!! Super stoked for his story.

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