Book Review | Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising Red Rising by Pierce Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a pretty awesome read. Even though it took me 4 days to read and it dragged every now and then, the story as whole was definitely amazing. Pierce Brown has created such a dynamic world with such powerful characters.

Darrow lives on Mars as a Red and he is a HellDiver. He and his people, the Reds, are working to make Mars and much more habitable place for the Gold's and others to live on. After his wife is killed, he learns the truth about the world he lives in and sets out on revenge. He works alongside a secret society to help bring down the Gold's and free the Reds. He goes undercover to infiltrate the Institute and get closer to the Golds.

Darrow is freaking brilliant! He isn't your typical obedient Red. He asks questions, he tries things on his own, he has a mind of his own. I loved his spitfire attitude towards everything. His determination was admirable. I loved his toughness and how he fought for what he wanted. Most of all I loved his heart and his conscience. No matter how many people he killed or injured, he always kept them in mind and wore his guilt along with his strength.

I enjoyed other characters such as Mustang, despite who her family is I enjoyed her and the possibility of them having a romance. Tactus was pretty damn interesting, but I loved the bond he formed with Darrow after their lashing -- truly outstanding. Cassisus was pretty cool too, I just didn't like how he found out about Julian. The Jackal was a joke -- I couldn't stop laughing at who he was.

The world was so fascinating. I loved the hierarchy of the colors. Gold being superior, White and Grays sort of secondary. Pinks for pleasure. Obsidians were like the main army. Browns for maids. Reds being both high and low. It was fascinating and I'm excited to see how things begin to change.

I definitely enjoyed this dystopian world a lot more than I thought I would. Ready for the sequel, Golden Son. I love Darrow!!!

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