Book Review | The Dirty Secret by Kira A. Gold

The Dirty Secret The Dirty Secret by Kira A. Gold
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Received an ARC through NetGalley.

This book gave me a few good feels! The characters were amazing and the romance was a hit for me. It was sexy, sweet, mysterious and so rich with texture, color and imagery. I loved the aspect of an architect with a designer. It bought so much life to the story as a whole. Kira A. Gold is phenomenal in her writing and has a knack for drawing the reader into the setting and emotions with her wording.

Donna Edith is a matchmaker, but not your typical one. She places people with the right employers, but she also makes sure to really see into each individual. She has a way of not just placing people with a great employee or employer, but also by putting the two people together to form a personal, romantic relationship as well. I loved Donna because she could see through her clients and perspective clients. She always knew what to say and what they truly desired. She never seemed to be wrong. She was always positive, especially when it came to Killian and Vessa.

Vessa Ratham is a hard working, sexy woman, but has a secret that must be held. She is an aspiring scenic designer looking to get her foot into the business. She returns home to Vermont after her grandpa has a stroke, but she has to keep quiet about it. I totally loved Vessa because she decided to live her life on her own. She didn't allow anyone to knock her down or stop her from achieving whatever she wanted. I loved how in charge of her sexuality she was as well. She was phenomenal.

Killian Fitzroy is promising architect looking for a professional assistant to give the house he built a feminine touch. Killian is sexy, driven, hardworking and so respectful. I enjoyed learning about Killian. He may have had it good at work, but always wanted to work hard to prove he earned everything just as everyone else. He has a strong appetite for sex, but hasn't divulged into it for over two years. He doesn't think about women, up until he got the call from Donna about an interesting woman.

The romance between Killian and Vessa was absolutely perfection. I loved the instant connection they felt when they first met. I loved that they took things slow at first until Killian initiated things. I enjoyed seeing Vessa take control when she wanted to. She had some serious power in their sexual arrangement. The way their relationship grew was just amazing. Donna knew exactly what she was doing when she paired the two of them together.

The dirty secret that was revealed was shocking to me. I never would of thought who her father really was. I love how she got tired of being a secret and decided to stick it to Celeste. I loved that her father never gave her up or even tried to deny her. He always stayed in contact no matter. Learning who her half-sister was had my mind going in circles because they both had a thing for Killian. Amazing!

I enjoyed the secondary characters such as Starla, Bengzt, Deb, Seth and the grandparents. They were all awesome. I couldn't stand Celeste and how rude she was towards Vessa. I don't think she needed to be that rude to her ever.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a ton. I definitely plan to read more from Kira A. Gold.

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