Speed Review: Playing Dirty by C.L. Parker

Playing Dirty Playing Dirty by C.L. Parker
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I received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

This book was like fresh air. This completely enjoyable to read. I loved the character development and storyline that C. L. Parker has created within this novel. It was definitely a perfect start to the Monkey Business Trio and not to mention the name is funny too.

Shaw Matthews is a sports agent at a well known agency. He is up for partnership and wants so badly. Cassidy Whalen works at the same agency and is up for the same partnership. They are going head to head to sign Denver Rockford, NFL football player, to their agency. Whoever can sign him gets the partnership.

Shaw and Cassidy have a had a long standing rivalry between one another and now that they have to go head-to-head they aren't playing it safe. They are playing downright dirty to get the win.

Shaw Matthews is a hunk that every woman wants. He works hard and has a lot to lose. Learning about his past and how he grew up tore me to shreds. Shaw is a sweet guy that works hard and not to mention he plays extremely dirty.

Cassidy Whalen is a strong girl that has worked her way to the top with her smarts. She is determined to work hard for that partnership. She is bold, sweet and enjoys making Shaw Matthews squirm in his seat.

The romance between Shaw and Cassidy is one built from love and hate. They disliked and hated each other so much that they played dirty and ended up having feelings for one another. They were hilarious when it came to the jealousy especially since they were playing tit-for-tat sexually. I honestly loved the way they were together when they were at work and outside of work. They were simply adorable and sexy together.

Denver Rockford was incredible character. I thought his crush for Cassidy was real, but after he explained everything to her I was blown away. Cassidy doing what she did showed how much she truly cared for Shaw and what Shaw did showed how much he truly cared for her. I really hope they explore the option of being an actual couple and not enemies with benefits.

I definitely enjoyed the secondary characters as well such as Quinn, Landon, Demi and the others..They were all awesome!

I'm totally excited to continue reading this series with Getting Rough.

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