Speed Review: The Fractured Heart by by Scarlett Cole

The Fractured Heart The Fractured Heart by Scarlett Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC through NetGalley.

This was a pretty awesome companion sequel to The Strongest Steel. This follows the romance between Brody and Drea. I loved that Trent and Harper made an appearance as well.

Andrea, aka Drea, has always been a fiery, fun character for me since her appearance in the first book. She has dealt with a lot and in this book I got to see another side of her that's way more vulnerable and tired of life. Andrea puts on a facade to fool the world, but she is seriously broken. I love how she got through life on her own, but hated that she thought she needed to continue in that way. I enjoyed seeing her open up more and accept that certain things she can't control and some things she needed to let go.

Brody, aka Coju, was always the dickhead to me, but this book allowed me to learn more about him and showed phenomenal growth in his outlook on life. Brody had a rough childhood after seeing his mother walk out on him and his family. On top of that his health was put in danger as well which all added up to him being a playboy. I enjoyed watching him fight himself about his feelings for Drea. He was truthful about it all, but I didn't like the tetter-totter game he played when it came to being with her. Brody is an awesome guy and he definitely deserved that happiness.

The romance between the two of them was pretty damn good. They had a love-hate relationship going for them. They argued so much that it began to turn them on to each other. After having to plan the engagement party for their best friends they were able to learn to get a long and really understand each other more. I enjoyed that their romance was as insta-love as Trent and Harper. I enjoyed watching them analyze reasons why they couldn't be together, fight their attraction to one another and then in the end just let things flow between the two of them. They had a very cute romance going for them.

The unbelievable twists and turns involving Evelyn was insane. Especially finding out the connection she has to Drea and Brody. What made it even more crazy -- that "Snake" could have been Drea's dad -- craziness after everything that went down!

This was pretty cool to read. I'm ready for the third novel to see how things go for Pixie and Dred.

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