Speed Review: Chasing River by K.A. Tucker

Chasing River Chasing River by K.A. Tucker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

OMG this was just as phenomenal as the first two books, Burying Water and Becoming Rain. K.A Tucker is simply brilliant at writing New Adult contemporary romance. It's mind blowing.

This story follows Jesse's sister Amber as she takes on Europe and explores the country. She ends up in Ireland where she is saved from a bomb. She didn't know her savior, but she wanted to find and thank him for saving her life. What she didn't expect was to fall in love with him.

River Delancey follows his brother Aegnus to ensure that he wasn't getting into trouble. What he finds in the end is his brother setting of a bomb and almost killing an innocent woman. River does the only thing he can think of, save the woman. What he didn't expect was for her to find him and him to fall in love with her.

Amber and River are absolute opposite, yet they balance and complete one another so well. Amber is a woman that follows every rule and law to a T. River is the guy that breaks them, but not purposely. I love how they met in a near death experience and how it bought them together. I love how they both hinted at things and found ways to constantly see each other resulting in them falling in love. The two of them together were perfect.

Aengus is the kind of brother or son that you want to help stay out of trouble, but he just can't seem to stay away from it. I didn't like him at all. I love that Gabe and Alex made appearances in this novel. Rowen was awesome; I hated what happened to him though.

I am excited to see what happens with Ivy in Surviving Ice because her character was very sarcastic and nonchalant.

Burying water is a phenomenal New Adult companion series.

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