Book Review | The Elite by Keira Cass

Title: The Elite

Author: Kiera Cass

Series: The Selection #2

Age: Young Adult

Genres: Dystopian, Romance

Publication Date: April 23rd 2013

Publisher: HarperTeen

Source: Ebook


Kiera Cass’s The Elite is a must-read for fans of dystopian fiction, fairy tales, and reality TV. This sequel to The Selection will enchant teens who love Divergent and The Bachelor.

In America Singer’s world, a bride is chosen for the prince through an elaborate televised competition. In the second book of the Selection series, America is one of only six girls left in the running. But is it Prince Maxon—and life as the queen—she wants? Or is it Aspen, her first love?

The Elite delivers the adventure, glamour, political intrigue, and romance readers of The Selection expect, and continues the love triangle that captivated them.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts
Outstanding. I found the sequel to The Selection to be quiet intriguing.

Most readers don't like America Singer's indecisiveness on if she wants Aspen or Maxon but I knew from the start it would be Prince Maxon. Aspen was too pushy for me and their relationship died the moment he broke her heart in book 1. I loved the back and forth between the Prince Maxon and her. It shows for a great relationship between the two of them.

I think there were some double standards going because America had time to decide, but when it came to Maxon being with other girls she got real childish. However, I think Maxon should have been 100% honest from the start about wanting to delight in the other girls.

Marlee is such a sweet girl. I'm glad Maxon did what he did in secret. Kriss is some great competition. Celeste needs to just leave. I felt for Natalie -- those rebels are going HARD! The king is evil as hell, but the queen is amazing. I think she secretly sees herself in America.

I'm loving this more than I expected. Excited to read The One!

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