Hello Book Lovers!

A little word of 'hello' before I really start this blog.

Hi! Thank you for stopping by this little blog of mine. I decided to start a blog surrounded around and focused mainly on books I read and writing because I'm really passionate about both -- they are sort of like my lifeline.

I am not be your standard reader since I have never read a Harry Potter book in my life. For some reasons, I could never really get into Harry Potter at all. Some genres I enjoy are fantasy, paranormal, dystopian and a few contemporary here and there. I try to get into classics, but not many can catch my attention long enough for me to stay intersted. I also find that I'm falling slightly in love with historical fiction novels as well. Overall, I am open to any genre though.

Though most people prefer physical books, my choice is an eReader of some sort (Android phone, tablet, kindle, iPad, laptop) because I tend to travel and move a lot. Plus, with a baby I just find it's easier to handle. I do, however, get good use out of my local library if there's a book I can't download via eReader.

I find that reading in the dark with the lights off, a candle lit and a few snacks make reading a bit more fun.

So, that's a little bit about my reading habits.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog, and maybe even reading with me. If you have any book recommendations, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!