Book Review | Bittersweet by Tyffani Clark Kemp

Title: Bittersweet

Author: Tyffani Clark Kemp

Series: The Kaveesh #1

Age: Young Adult

Genres: Sci-Fi

Publication Date: October 15, 2016

Publisher: SideStreet Cookie Publishing LLC

Source: Review copy provided

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She'd reconciled her life without him. His return would be Bittersweet.

Welcome to Mother Cora’s, where the offspring of the Kaveesh learn to coexist with humans.

One hundred and twenty years ago, the Kaveesh came to Earth to save the dying planet from a disease that gorged itself on anything in its wake. Buildings crumbled to dust. Soil and plant life were consumed. Two-thirds of the Earth’s population perished.

The only thing the Kaveesh asked in return was to help save their dying race. Breeding programs began and the half-breeds were born.

Lirabel is a half-breed and an overachiever. Despite a few setbacks, she’s scheduled to graduate early from Mother Cora’s and become the Half-breed Ambassador to the Humans.

Enter Jonas. They were best friends until he broke her heart and disappeared five years ago. Now, he’s back, but Lirabel couldn’t care less. There are more important things to worry about…

Like finishing her last year of school and becoming ambassador. Or the half-bred students losing control of their Kaveesh strengths who are being sent into quarantine. Or how the breeding programs are still up and running.

And somehow, Jonas’ bittersweet return is connected to it all.

My Rating: 

Quote(s) I Like:
"Have you ever wondered why I call you my bittersweet? Not because you're bitter and not because you leave a bitter taste. Because there's no such thing as 'strongsweet'. You are both strength and beauty, something to be loved and feared. But, now that you've shown me just how bitter you are, why don't you show me how sweet you can be?I know it's still in there somewhere." - Jonas

My Thoughts:
I am a huge fan of Tyffani Clark Kemp's writing. She never ceases to amaze me. This book was so good. It gave me all the feels and the buildup was simply beautiful. Her characters all had a purpose, the dynamics between the races was beautiful and that words.

Lirabel is a half-breed Kaveesh. She's seems to be a joyous girl and one of a kind. She is different from the others in that she has red eyes and her powers are continuously growing and overwhelming others. I enjoyed her, she was sassy, fun, sweet and had a huge heart. I loved seeing her battle with her feelings for Jonas. It was absolutely cute.

Jonas is a half-breed Kaveesh that broke Lirabel's heart five years ago, but has returned. I absolutely LOVE him. Finding out the backstory between him and Lira and why he left was amazing. He just is the perfect friend and guy to fall in love with. I loved how he tried to get things back to normal while understanding his feelings for Lira. I thought he was such a gentleman when he tried to get Sol and Lira together. Jonas is simply amazing.

The romance was annoying and funny at the same time. I hated the whole Lira and Sol thing. I mean Lira clearly cared nothing for Sol, but he didn't seem to care which made him an idiot. I was pissed with Lira because she went out with him for the sake of pleasing Mother Cora and to "save her kind" which was straight bull to me. I hated how Lira and Jonas tried to ignore their feelings for one another. It was undeniable the love they had and how the sparks flew between them. I was hoping for such a happy ending for Lira and Jonas, but that ending just about killed me.

I enjoyed Mira, Sol, Rowdy, Kim, the twins and Suzanne. They were all key in both Lira's and Jonas' life. They were all so different, but fit one another so well. Mother Cora is an evil witch. I mean seriously, genocide!!!! I can understand wanting to get rid of the humans; it's typical. Why the half-breeds though? These damn pure breeds she's creating look like they will be her downfall. I totally hate and despise her.

That ending tore me to pieces. I can't!! I hope it isn't true. I hope it's just a front and that Lira is safe and sound somewhere healing. I need for Cora to die by Jonas' hand because she has caused him so much heartache. I need the sequel now!!!!

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