Book Review | Love Me Never by Sara Wolf

Title: Love Me Never

Author: Sara Wolf

Series: Lovely Vicious #1

Age: Young Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: April 5, 2016

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Source: ARC provided

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Read the book that Kirkus Reviews called: "A complex, witty page-turner, ideal for YA fans of scandal and romance."

Don’t love your enemy. Declare war on him.

Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way. Since then she’s lost eighty-five pounds, gotten four streaks of purple in her hair, and moved to Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, to help her mom escape a bad relationship.

All the girls in her new school want one thing—Jack Hunter, the Ice Prince of East Summit High. Hot as an Armani ad, smart enough to get into Yale, and colder than the Arctic, Jack Hunter's never gone out with anyone. Sure, people have seen him downtown with beautiful women, but he's never given high school girls the time of day. Until Isis punches him in the face.

Jack’s met his match. Suddenly everything is a game.

The goal: Make the other beg for mercy.
The game board: East Summit High.
The reward: Something neither of them expected.

Previously published as Lovely Vicious, this fully revised and updated edition is full of romance, intrigue, and laugh-out-loud moments.

My Rating: 

My Thoughts:
Oh my hearts, ravens and butterflies. This was absolutely beautiful. Reading the synopsis I thought this would be a dark contemporary romance but this was much more humorous and deep than I thought. I loved everything about this book. Even the devious high school students and crazy teachers.

Isis Blake is a girl scorned by love. She fell in love with the wrong guy and ended up getting hurt by him. She used to be big, but she decided to lose weight and move on with her life never falling in love with anyone again. Everything was cool until she met Jack. Isis was a very interesting girl. She was bold, snarky, sarcastic, had the gift of gab and the girl could throw a punch. I like that she never tried to fit in with a crowd. She was just herself. She may have looked at herself as shy, ugly and boring, but she was anything but. She was confident, sassy, beautiful and was there for her friends until the end. She went through hardships in her past, but she grew into a beautiful young lady. Hopefully she finds love again.

Jack Hunter is known as the Ice Prince in school. He doesn't party, doesn't drink, he's rude to most girls and he doesn't have many friends. He loved once and plans to never love again because his heart is already given to Sophia. However, Sophia is hospitalized with things looking dim and he has met his match in Isis. Everything about Jack screamed sexy asshole to me from the very beginning, but as the story progressed I learned that he wasn't really a heartless jerk. He worked hard to help his true love even if it meant sacrificing his time and life for her. Jack needs to just learn to live his life and move on. He shoulders all these burdens and doesn't allow any one in, but hopefully that all changes. He may be nicknamed the Ice Prince, but he is much more warmer and loving at heart.

The romance was absolutely amazing. Started off as hate between Isis and Jack but the more they progressed in war the more they seemed to learn about one another and develop feelings. I think the romance between them is absolutely adorable. One minute they are arguing, the next they are getting intimate, the next they are kind and then they go back to being rude to each other. I love them together and that bedroom scene at the party was pretty darn hot between the two of them. Just watching them open up to one another is amazing because they are growing and learning the true meaning of what love is.

Wren and Kayla were awesome characters. I hated the Kayla was obsessed over Jack when Wren was right there for her, but I was happy to see them getting closer at the end. Wren may be a nerd, but he isn't a bad guy. He's absolutely awesome. Avery was a total bitch in my opinion. She seems to be the cause of so much drama that went on. She irritated me to the core. How can she call others her friend when she constantly puts them into a position that can cause them serious harm and damage. She's freaking annoying!

That ending is insane!!! Will Isis and Jack ever have their happily ever after? Is Sophia going to ruin things for Jack and Isis or will she help? So many questions and answers needed. I'm excited for the sequel.

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