Review: Under My Thumb

Under My Thumb Under My Thumb by Abby Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Under My Thumb is a very different type of romance story that starts off with two stranger who are attracted to one another and over time fall for one another. Prudence and Cash were both one in the same when it came to relationships and love.

Prudence is from London, but she went to LA with her band-mates with ulterior motives of her own. She is broken because of the love she gave her boyfriend. She now wants to enjoy life being single while having fling with a guy every now and then. Prudence was an absolute dream. She was talented, smart, hardworking, likable and so many other traits.

Cash is hot man that has an awesome job. He is wrecked by love due to the games and the way his ex-wife used him. He now lives his life in sexual arrangements with different women. He wants no commitment, no ties and no drama. He tries hard to stay away from love, but unexpectedly love found him. Cash is smart, hardworking man that has the utmost respect and manners. His past has definitely shaped his view on love and it sucks, but I'm glad he learns that you can't run from love.

The romance was beautiful. The fact they fell for one another was awesome, but I hated that they each thought the other didn't love them. It was insane. That ending tore me to pieces. I don't normally like cliffhangers, but I have to admit -- this cliffhanger has me on the edge wanting to read the next book immediately!

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