Review: Learning to Live

Learning to Live Learning to Live by Jerrica Knight-Catania
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Learning to Live an absolute dream! It's all about loving and living after facing the death of a loved one during the fall of the Twin Towers. I love how Jerrica took a tragic moment in America and wrote a beautiful love story around it. This just flowed so beautifully.

Jessica just got engaged to love her life Kyle. She was in heaven and in love. What she didn't expect was to lose him the next morning when the Twin Towers were attacked. She became a wreck and her love for her finace was destined to kill her slowly. She eventually had to move back home and get back into living. Jessica was an amazing character. At first, I wanted to slap her senseless because she just wallowed and let life pass her by. I was happy when she went home and was "forced" into living again. She finally got back to enjoying life like she did before and she even fell in love again. She did have her moments of guilt, but with time she was able to learn that it was okay to love again and not feel like she was betraying her deceased fiance.

Brandon was the nerd back in high school, but now he is a fine, wealthy man with a past similar to Jessica. He and his sister lost their parents and he too had to find his way back to living. I love how he was able to help Jessica get back to her old self and I love that he never once rushed her into getting in a relationship. He knew she needed time and was willing to wait for her. I just love him!

Caroline is the little sister of Brandon who had it worse than Jessica with dealing with death. She was a very peculiar girl, but I loved seeing how she changed and learned from her mistakes with the help of Jessica. Just phenomenal.

Such an awesome story and I definitely recommend it to other contemporary lovers -- even if you're not into contemporary romance. Read it!

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