Review: No Angel

No Angel No Angel by Tara Hart
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Received a review copy through NetGalley.

No Angel was an amazing new adult contemporary romance. I enjoyed everything about this story. The characters, the drama, the new friendships and more. This was definitely a book I could see me recommending to others to read. I absolutely loved the dual POVs and how the meshed so well together.

Charlie is known as a slut. She used to the rumors, what people say and doesn't try to change them. She uses sex to feel empowered, desired and cared for. She doesn't care that it's a different guy every night. She just wants that moment it brings. With all that went on in her personal life I felt bad for Charlie and the way she thought. Especially when she was put in a harmful situation and she felt as though she deserved it. Charlie was definitely insecure in her own way and needed to be uplifted. I do wish she would have stood up for herself more because she had in it her to stop all the negativity.

Evan returns home to play "parent" to his younger brother Kyle. He never wanted to come home, but when he first spots Charlie at a party he can't seem to get over her. Evan had his own issues to deal with which were polar opposite to that of Charlie. He had money, friends and woman fawning for him, but he wanted to be around someone that wouldn't care about all that. He wanted to be with someone that saw him and made him feel human. His ex was absolutely insane and all the drama she caused for him pissed me off. I'm glad Evan never gave up on Charlie because she was just what he needed and vice versa.

The romance was amazing! I loved how different Evan and Charlie was. No matter what anyone told Evan about her he knew she was more than those rumors. He knew that she was running from something and was determined to stop her from running. The way they treated each other was amazing. Evan poured so much love into Charlie. Charlie having only felt love from her little brother and best friend was afraid to love for fear of being let down, but when she finally let go, she was able to accept and give more in an incredible way.

The snippet at the end of Grace's story really pulled me in. I'm definitely interested in reading it when it comes out in September.

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