Review: If I Were You

If I Were You If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy hell! This was freaking hot, mysterious and downright creepy in so many ways! I can't even begin to explain how hooked am I with this trilogy.

Sara is a woman that's been hurt by her father and ex and even though she thinks she handles her past pretty well, she only runs from it. It wasn't until she ran across some journals that ignited something in her. I love how Sara doesn't back down from a challenge. She allows herself to opened and pushed to experience new things. She may not have experience with many things, but her confidence is absolutely amazing.

Chris is a phenomenal guy. He has his dark secrets, but even with that he is perfect. He has a bit of mystery to him. He is guarded and I'm not sure if it's because of his parents or if he was hurt by a woman. He definitely loves control, but at the same time I think he wants to give up control. Chris may think he is not the picket fence kind of guy, but I believe that Sara will be his undoing in a good way and he for her.

Mark creeps me out in so many ways. I mean the fact that he claims to "own" Sara is ridiculous. He is going to push to hard and Sara will snap on him. I just don't care for Mark or trust his intentions at all. Rebecca seems to have been a woman like Sara, quite and reserved, but got sucked into a world she didn't fully understand. I hope she is okay and nothing bad has happened to her.

That ending was absolutely insane -- serious cliff hanger. I plan to read the sequel as soon as possible because I'm hooked!

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