Review: The Ex Trials

The Ex Trials The Ex Trials by Heather Topham Wood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I recieved a review copy through NetGalley.

The Ex Trials was a pretty good read. I enjoyed the drama in this contemporary romance. It was a tad bit predictable to some extent, but still enjoyable.

Casey is the girl that acts wild and carefree, but deep down she's smart, sweet and longing for true love. I adored Casey even though she made dumb decisions. She had a tough upbringing between her mother going from man to man and her father not being there for her. Casey runs from her problems and tries to make them seem like she deserves the outcomes when she truly doesn't. Casey was absolutely amazing and head over heels for Cole. She battled with her decision in sleeping with Cole, but when she found out the truth and moved passed it the right way she became empowered and phenomenal.

Cole is a rock star that loved all the girls, but he fell in love with Casey even when she broke his heart. Cole is runner...he runs from his problems without taking the time to figure them out. He also sweet, tender, loving and hot. I loved the ending and how he felt bad for all the things he said to Casey when he found out the truth about Atlantic City.

The romance for Casey and Cole was amazing. Two lovers who broke up over a lie but reconnected and lived a happy, fulfilled life. They were absolutely amazing, especially when they decided to take things slow and actually date one another.

Justin was a major douchebag. The kind of guy that got off on overpowering women any way he could. The fact that he didn't care made things worse. I'm glad Cole, Evan and Blake handed him his ass. He deserved it.

This was a great read. Quick for one sitting. I recommend this book for sure.

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