Review: Enough: A Dark, Erotic Motorcycle Club Romance

Enough: A Dark, Erotic Motorcycle Club Romance Enough: A Dark, Erotic Motorcycle Club Romance by Jade Chandler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

Enough is Jade Chandler's debut novel and it was a 4 out 5 for me only because Lila pissed me off a bit. Overall, the writing was pretty good, the characters were interesting and the drama was really good. Some parts were a bit underdeveloped when it came to the backstories for Lila and Dare's issues, but it was still good.

Lila is a broken woman. She has been used and abused by people since she was a little girl. She's been manipulated, let down and discouraged from family to the many men she dated. She never knew how to truly love freely and feel confident beyond measure. With her latest move she now has the chance to start over, but she never expected to fall in love. Lila was a very outspoken person, but what pissed me off was when she allowed men to treat her like property, like a toy. She never really stood up for herself and it made me upset. I did respect her for trying so hard with Dare. She was pretty cool.

Dare is your typical womanizer. He never settles. He keeps on pushing through woman like it's no issues. He never really fell in love before until he met Lila, but his own issues stop him from allowing himself to be with her fully. The issues Dare had was pretty interesting, it definitely explained a lot about him, but I didn't like how he doubted himself. He was definitely a strong guy going through life how he has with his issues. Definitely an amazing guy.

The romance was pretty intense and quick, but it definitely had it's build up points. It wasn't so emotional as some other romances because both Lila and Dare had their issues to deal with, but the fact that they loved one another and tried to hide it and/or runaway from it was funny. The sex was freaking steamy though!

As a debut novel this was pretty good. I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it as a good read for those into contemporary or mild erotic novels.

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