Review: Of Pens and Swords

Of Pens and Swords Of Pens and Swords by Rena Rocford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received a review copy from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Can you say pretty cover? I can! This was such a beautiful story with so much meaning to it. Rena Rocford is slowly becoming an author I enjoy.

Cyra is a beautiful young lady. She has struggled through life without her right hand. She wants to be an Olympic fencer and works hard to achieve her goals. However, many people tend to look at her differently or make fun of her. I love how strong she was. She didn't allow the negativity to keep her down. She always found a way to pull herself up. She was smart, determined and knew how to get where she needed. She defied all the odds.

Rochan was a sweet guy. The hot guy that's book smart and can hang with everyone in school. I enjoyed how he never judged Cyra. He always saw her as a person and nothing less. He was always able to be himself around her and be comfortable. I have so much respect for him.

The romance between Cyra and Rochan was quite interesting. They were both friends that thought the other didn't like them. I think this story created such a beautiful start for their love.

Christine was such a nice girl. She seemed like a rich girl with an attitude, but getting to know her was amazing. She tries to protect herself from fake friends. Even though she has everything in the world and is rich she still wanted to do things for herself, like become a ballerina for a company. She may not have been book smart or savvy, but she was just as brilliant as Cyra. I respected her even more when she knew the truth about how Cyra felt for Rochan...she was an awesome friend. I hated what happened to her at the end. It was totally unreal.

Sara was a bitter girl. I did not understand why she was so mean towards Cyra or why she tried to knock Christine down. I seriously didn't like her at, but I felt bad for her.

That ending left me with so many good feels!! So many possibilities between Cyra and Rochan could take place since they are both going to Berkley. Pure romance and love between them. Great story.

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