Review: Owning Violet by Monica Murphy

Owning Violet Owning Violet by Monica Murphy
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I received an ARC via NetGalley.

This a very quick contemporary romance with a bit of erotica thrown in. I loved how light and carefree it was to read especially with such interesting characters. Monica Murphy created such brilliant characters that are systematically dynamic and static. Beautiful.

Violet is a shy, timid and hardworking women. She works in the family with her father and sister and she plans to launch her own line. She had a hard upbringing with all that happened to her mom and everything she went through in college. She may have thought herself weak, but in the weakness she showed true strength. I enjoyed watching her unravel and let loose. Everyone was so intent on her staying a doormat or breaking down, but she turned into a confident woman. She became lively.

Ryder is an amazing guy. His bold, blunt and never experienced love before. At first he was a major ass to me because he only wanted her because Zach had her. His plan eventually backfired on him fiercely. I loved how straightforward he was throughout the book in telling Violet that he was no good and was using her...even though it was wrong he gets kudos for being truthful. I enjoyed learning about his upbringing and how he survived it all. He is simply amazing.

The romance between them was intense. They were definitely opposites because Ryder was fun and out there while Violet was closed off and boring. I love how they made each other change for the better. He became more vulnerable and caring because of her. She became more wild and carefree because of him. Even though this wasn't heavily doused with sex, the sex between them was jaw dropping.

Zachary was a frigging douche. His reasons for cheating and trying to make Violet feel bad irked me to the core. He should have gotten slapped or beat up. Pilar is an old hag. Honestly, I hated her, can't stand her name and was irked by how desperate she was to be number one. She is seriously pathetic. I would have LOVED to see Violet or even Rose slap her.

Loved getting to know the other two sisters, Rose and Lily. They are awesome. I enjoyed their father too.

Excited to read the next story about her sister Rose. I'm hoping for a much more dynamic story because Rose was a definite spitfire out of the three of them!

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