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Magnate Magnate by Celia Aaron
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Holy freaking hell!!! This was a freaking intense sequel and that damn cliffhanger -- ugh!!!! I never knew an dark and brooding erotica could keep me captivated, but bygloy. This has me feelings so many feels! Celia Aaron is briliant!

Magnate picks up where Counsellor left off. Sinclair no longer owns Stella after revealing the truth about her father. She has chosen Lucius to be her new owner. She had hoped Lucius could help her run from the trails and being an Acquisition, but not even he can save her. Slowly the Christmas Trials approach them and they all must come to terms with what must happen in order to win and for good reasons.

Stella Rousseau is still a spitfire and I love it! She has become stronger in her resolve to survive the craziness of the trails and being an Acquisition. She seeks not only to help herself, but also to help Gavin and Brianna as well. I loved how sweet she was. I was intrigued that she switched back brothers so easily. I love that she fell in love with Sinclair and wanted to find a way to get him to realize his love for her. I absolutely love the strength she has to endure all that she is.

Lucius Vinemont is probably a mix of both Teddy and Sinclair. He's neither kind nor evil. All he cares for is his attraction towards Stella and becoming Sovereign. I enjoyed him and how he was respectful behind closed doors with Stella. I respect him even more after he agreed for Sinclair to get Stella back. Guess he couldn't really handle all the pressure of that twisted game with Acquisitions.

Sinclair Vinemont -- what can I say about this twisted man. I love him because he does have a heart. He does love Stella, he does care for her. I hate him because he refuses to acknowledge his feelings. Granted -- after learning the rules, I get it. I just hope he and Stella can hash things out -- I know, it's a crazy thought, but even in their twisted world they make an awesome couple. Let's not forget to mention that hot steamy sex they have. Good gracious, that man work and lay some amazing pipe!

Rebecca Vinemont, has screwed as she is mentally from her time during the Acquisitions, she has become pure ice. The way she laughed when talking to Stella gave me goosebumps. All the information she shared saddened my heart. I can't believe the world they live in. As for Dylan, Stella's stepbrother, I can NOT stand him. I don't know if he did what he did to protect her or because he finally became one of those twisted fools, but I think the Vinemont brothers should beat him senseless! Mr. Rousseau is a horrible father and man. There are no words to how disgusted I am with him. He deserves jail and death all in one.

This book is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It's dark, twisted and steamy. I am too stoked for the third book, Sovereign to be released in April. I need answers!!!

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