Review: Into the Light by Rebecca R. Cohen

Into the Light Into the Light by Rebecca R. Cohen
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This was more than I expected it to be. I totally was thrown and became so in love with this book. It definitely has potential for a great fantasy trilogy. The characters are pretty awesome and the world development is somewhat solid.

Katherine is slowly approaching her 18th birthday. She is attacked during one of her late night walks by a fowl creature. A Descended. Katherine has to learn how to become a Tracker and save the world. I loved her off the bat. She is snarky, bold, confident and willing to learn as much as possible. Most characters in her position would run and hide, but she stood up to the challenge while pushing back with questions.

Ash is Guide, but what he really is and who his parents are shocked me. His flaws -- caring for Trackers and falling in love. It always seems to be the end of him or his charges. I loved Ash because he always found a reason to smile no matter the situation. He had a heart that most Guides and Angels don't truly have. He cared for everything and always tried to keep Katherine safe both mentally and physically.

Mollie was a great best-friend. Even though her time was short she took it like a champ. She never once blamed Katherine for her downfall. She supported her friend and helped her find peace. Davon was freaking annoying. I felt like he was extremely jealous of Ash. Chance seemed to be hiding way more than he let on. There has to be more to his story.

Serena is a wicked one. Being the first Descended she uses her powers to control the other Descended. I feel like she knew some things that is why she got kicked out of Heaven. I'm intrigued and disgusted by her all at once. Angelina is just a lost soul who was tricked by an evil woman. I feel really bad for her.

I loved the sneak peak of the sequel and can't wait to get my hands on it. I need to know what happens to Katherine and why Ash passed out.

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