Review: Georgie

Georgie Georgie by Cherrie Mack
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Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Once again, Cherrie Mack has captivated me with her writing and the characters. This was a great follow up companion to Crystal. I loved the new characters and I loved the reappearance of the old characters.

Georgina Randall aka Georgie has resented herself for being into sex. In her past she had fun and then it turn around a bit her in the butt. She is still dealing with the repercussion of her decision. I didn't like how she closed herself off, but I understood it. She was very outspoken which I loved about her character. I liked seeing how she tried to have a "normal" sex life with her ex Adam, but normal was never her thing. She began to remember her "true" self and began to have her old sexual feelings stir up after meeting Derek, her bosses son. I like that she let her guard down slowly and finally found happiness. I will say Georgie is an amazing woman, friend and a hardworker.

Derek DeMarco has never wanted to follow in his father's foot-steps. He did everything he could to not be like him and ultimately failed. I love that he was open when speaking with Georgie. I loved that he finally figured out that he did want to be like his father and have all the things his father dreamed of him having. I liked that he didn't run from Georgie when she revealed her past to him. Derek was a smart man and knew how to make things happen. He just got caught up in his own personal pride, but thankfully he is changing things around in his life. He was the perfect guy for Georgie.

The romance was beautiful. I loved the instant attraction between the two of them. They felt a sexual and physical pull to one another and never bit their tongues about what they wanted. The sex was steamy! I loved how they were able to be their true selves without having to wash down their sexual desires. It was hot!

This was such a beautiful story. I really hope there is a third book and that it will be about Daisy because she was so amazing.

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