Review: Fixed on You

Fixed on You Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a lovely novel. I enjoyed Laurelin Paige's writing. She did a wonderful job in creating her main characters. Two people with different issues that damaged their past and seek to overcome it, but try to avoid it. The premise of the story was beautiful and the way it developed made me happy.

Alayna Wither is an intelligent business woman, but she enjoys the club scene. She is smart, beautiful, outspoken and downright fabulous. She lost her parents at sixteen which resulted in her engaging in sex, drugs and other things. She eventually became obsessive about love in relationships which caused many issues for her. She had years of therapy to help her keep her tendencies under wraps, but after meeting a mysterious guy at work, she finds herself having desires and urges. It isn't until she realizes that the mysterious guy is not only her new boss, but also plans to bed her that she finds herself in trouble.

Hudson Pierce is a hardworking, hot, dominant man, but he believes he is incapable of ever falling in love. He is set to marry his friend Celia, who has no desire to marry. He sets his sights on Alyana and wants her to be his pretend girlfriend to break the engagement up. Hudson didn't expect to overcome his inability to love and was pleasantly surprised. Hudson has his own past and issues in which he manipulates and destroy women, but with years of therapy and help he has learned to hone it in. I liked seeing him squirm around Alyana because he always tried to keep the his emotions underway with her. I didn't like how stoic he was around people with her, but then behind closed doors he was so vulnerable and caring. Now

The romance between Hudson and Alyana started off amazing at first. They both had an instant physical attraction to each other. I like that Hudson had no qualms with telling Alyana he wanted her. I liked that Alyana tried to create boundaries, but ultimately failed -- it's not her failure that I liked, its that she gave in to her attraction to Hudson. The two of them, in my eyes, are so damn good together because they help one another hone in and tame their issues. Their love, whether they knew it or not, was the "cure" they needed. Now, that hot, steamy sex they had was just amazing. They had some fun in the bed. However, I liked that they could talk to each other about anything.

Sophia Pierce is a major bitch. I can't believe how evil and just unemotional she is towards her husband and her son. She is definitely a snob. Celia seems sweet, I'm still not sure how I feel about her. David is an awesome friend. Brian is the worse freaking brother in history. The rest of the Pierce family rocks, especially Jack -- he is freaking hilarious!

I'm excited to read Found in You next and continue on with Hudson and Alyana's story.

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