Review: By the Magic of Starlight

By the Magic of Starlight By the Magic of Starlight by Serena Gilley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Such a great novella! As short and quick of a read it was, this was filled with depth and so many twists. The fairy realm is so intriguing and the characters are amazing. Serena Gilley is amazing in her writing.

Kyne is a Summer fairy. He is half fairy and half human. He grew up thinking that his father left his mother and him and betrayed their trust. He recently has been trying to figure things out with himself and with the things going on in his realm. I loved him because no matter what was thrown his way, he was determined to stick by his own code. He knew things weren't right.

Raea is a Wish fairy and at first I considered her naive, but as the story progressed I grew to like her. She is bold, yet subtle. She knows exactly what she wants and how she feels, but she feared the consequences from the council. I enjoyed watching her crack her shell and become more open to the passion she had for Kyne.

The romance was pretty awesome. I loved how they tried to fight off their feelings, but failed tremendously. The sex was absolutely stunning. Even though the sex scenes weren't so detailed, they were still hot and left room for imagination. The whole idea of passion being a secret weapon is insane.

Wain is simply despicable in the way he acts like he wants to help his realm and people. He is deceiving every one and I hope he gets caught! Baylor (Kyne's father) and Kyne's mother have kept some serious information from him. I hope he finds out the truth about his family. Pimma and Swift are awesome. I like the way they are both dedicated to their work. I enjoyed how they both felt off about what Dorin and Wain wanted them to do.

I'm truly excited to see how the first book and sequel go. Loved both novellas.

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