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Roots (Witchbound Book One) by Kelbian Noel
288 pages
Seventeen-year-old Baltimore Land just wants to be normal, but magic has other plans. 
I don’t consider myself a witch, that's my parents' thing. I've never really believed in magic either. Sure, I tried it a few times. Fell for the whole “magic happens” thing. But it didn’t happen to me. No amount of rhyming stopped my parents from moving me halfway across the country. Not one spell stopped me from being labeled the town freak. And worst of all, no matter how many times I begged the Universe to bring my twin back, I was ignored. Until now. He’s back all right. And in a magical bind of his own. Not the magic-won’t-work-for-me kind either. In fact, it’s working a little too well. Too dark. Too deep. It turns out our entire family’s magical roots run just as deep and my brother didn’t end up where he is by accident. So I’m going to help him. But magic isn’t really on my side. Nope. Once I finally get the craft under control, I’m expected to abandon the one person in the world who’s closest to me, just to save myself.


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My Rating★★★★.5

My Review

This was an absolutely fabulous story from page one to the end. Gave this a 4.5 star rating. Kelbian Noel creates such a riveting story of a girl finding out who she is and becoming her true self while trying to wrap her head around magic and save her twin brothers life. An extraordinary tale of family, love and magic. Breathtakingly amazing.

Baltimore seemed like a lost girl to me. She didn't know who she really was only that her parents were witches and she was sort of the town freak. She didn't believe in magic, but when she was thrusted into the realm of magic she quickly tried to dismiss it. I like how when she did begin to understand that magic was very real and who she was and what power she had to began to stick it out and become a very bold young lady. I like how she questioned things without being too annoying.

Brooklyn was just a sad guy. He is Baltimore's twin brother under the spell of an evil witch. What he does to his sister really throws me for a loop. I mean could he really be that angry and jealous to have done that? He was a horrible brother to her and even though Baltimore tried to give him love and save him he always went back to his evil witch. Ruthless in my opinion.

Joslin was just an angry, unloved, pitful old hag. She should have gotten on with her life after 200+ years of living. To harbor that much anger and try to gain power again only brings her own demise so I'm not sure why she did not see that. She was just an idiot. However, I did enjoy her sassy attitude and how well she played the loving girlfriend at the beginning of the story.

Their families background was interesting to learn about. Seeing that their powers are inheritated yet skip a generation is amazing. I love how Baltimore and Brooklyn received their powers. It was absolutely cool to learn about their connection to their grandparents.

I did enjoy Nate, Ramon and Tarik. I loved the "competition" between Nate and Ramon for Baltimore and how Baltimore was sort of oblivious to it all. It was just cute.

That ending tore my heart with the sacrifice, who it had to be and what it all meant. The way the two men in her life disappeared was heartbreaking, but the one who returned was even more interesting. It proves how powerful Baltimore really was an Elemental.

Overall, I'm excited to see what happens next in the companion novel, Sprung.

Sprung Cover
Sprung (Witchbound Book Two) by Kelbian Noel
336 pages
Since she discovered magic, seventeen-year-old Skye Jackson's life is almost perfect. Almost. Even perfect has its glitches. 
What happens when the one with all the power makes the biggest mistakes? Welcome to my life. Four months ago, I couldn’t have been happier. When my parents got divorced, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Especially when Mom married a guy half her age. But then I found out I wasn’t the average Joana. Discovering magic existed and, best of all, I could use it, made everything easier to deal with. That is until I got a little too spell happy. But what girl wouldn't defend her best friend against a world-class creep? Now I’m stuck in a nightmare, forced to make life and death decisions I never dreamed I’d face. Love the magic, hate the responsibility.

My Rating★★★★★

My Review

Sprung is a great companion sequel to Roots. Started off giving this a 4.5 star rating, but I just had to bump it to 5 stars. Simply profound!

This follows an Elemental witch named Skye Jackson, her element is air, which I think is very cool. Skye is a very spunky and curious character. I like how she spent time learning from and talking to her grandmother about magic. I love that her father was aware of magic, but avoided it all cost. Definitely makes one of the parents aware of what goes on magical wise. I love how protective she is as well. Especially when it came to Claire, her best-friend. I hate what the hex did, but than again magic is unpredictable when it's not specific. However, Skye found a way to make things better.

Both her parents are awesome. But what her dad did to her Nana was insane. Like beyond insane. Still respect him though. Okay so Seth has gone crazy, but I guess after a hex and being revived with magic that can do it!

Dale! OMG -- I can't believe it … I never expected such a thing from him. Maybe a cheater, but not that. But then again this series does make you second guess these characters a lot. The way he just moved right in and smoothed everything out with Skye and her mom was insane. Who the heck is Greta?! And Siobhan … OMG just as treacherous as Dale. I can't believe the people Skye trusts either lied to her or are out to harm her. Ruthless! Do they all work for Joslin?

The dreams Skye have been having about her "sister" is simply amazing. I finally understand how each witch can sense when one another is in danger and it's absolutely amazing. 

I love how the story connects the characters from Roots to this one. Ramon was a great character in Roots, so I'm glad to see he's back for another go in Sprung. Finding out who Ramon is to both Baltimore (main character in Roots), Skye and the others makes so much more sense to me! But why are these girls always freaking kissing him?! Is it because of the bond or pull they have with him…it's all just too much!

I love how Nate and Baltimore arrive just at the end of the book and how both Baltimore and Skye have a dream about one of their sisters.

I'm excited to read Smolder and find out which Elemental witch it's about.

On a quick note: Poor Eugene. I really hoped he was still alive…I truly hate this Joslin witch.

Smolder Book Cover
Smolder (Witchbound Book Three) by Kelbian Noel
About Smolder:
Calida Cevallos has never been special. In fact, as far as she’s concerned, there isn’t an exceptional bone in her body. But, this summer, she’ll discover extraordinary literally runs through her veins.
I’ve always been a burden. The girl people put up with, the one they tolerated. When I finally found someone who actually wanted me around, I couldn’t have be happier. But lately something’s been bubbling at the surface. Something wants to break free…and I’m afraid it’s me. I love him. And, for a time, I thought I needed him. Now I’m not so sure. These days, I get the feeling I’m the one who’s needed. By whom? I’m about to find out.

Review to come soon once book is received.

About the Author

KelbianNoelKelbian Noel was born on a warm June night in Moncton, New Brunswick. From a very young age, she loved to read. She found herself engulfed in novels by Janette Oke and L.M. Montgomery, but never seemed to find herself in the pages. At the age of 11 she declared she would simply have to rewrite them, and become the youngest author in history. But life was full of baseball, homework, BFFs and boys. Decades later, having studied writing in college and pursued it as a career, she rediscovered her hobby. She is excited to introduce The Witchbound Series to the world with hopes someone will love this story as much as she does. Kelbian lives in Toronto, Ontario with her two children (where, thanks to a thick layer of smog, Junes are much warmer than they used to be).

She is the founder of and blogs there often, in the company of some pretty cool people.


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