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covergifTitle: Raven Falling

Series: Shadows and Light #1

Author: Misti Murphy

Audience: Adult

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Formats: E-Book

Publisher: Misti Murphy

Cover: Yocla Design

Date Published: July 17th 2014

Raven Mackenzie has a normal life, a great job in finances and a never-ending closet. At the end of a hard day the only thing she wants is to spend time with her best friend Luke, her constant companion since they were teenagers. 
Ash is an Angel of Death and for thousands of years he’s been taking souls to the other side. Now he faces his toughest mission. He made a promise to Raven’s father, a promise he intends to keep. He must help Raven survive no matter what the cost. Even if it means taking her into a world he hates. 
When Raven meets Ash, her normal life is rocked to its core. No longer a human but an Angel of death, she is given a choice. She must decide between eternal torment and murder.
As Raven’s world crumbles around her, she finds herself torn between the decision she must make, her past, and the future she wants. 
Will Raven be able to make the right choice before time runs out?

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Twice he took her down and she had no plans on letting him take her to the ground a third time. No, this time she tried to be ready. She planted her feet and kept a steady eye on him. When he launched himself at her, she sent the blade flying in his direction.
She still managed to miss, but she was not tackled to the ground. She threw a fist and it connected with his jaw a moment before he landed on top of her in the grass. Her hand throbbed from the sudden impact, but she could barely feel it over her blood pulsing through her veins. Ash lay on top of her, brushed her hair back from her face, his own face lined with worry. "Are you hurt?" She shook her head slowly as she stared into his eyes, not wanting to move. His weight, pushing her into the hard earth, felt good in a way she did not understand. She felt connected to him, craved the feeling. He rolled off her, and lay on the grass beside her. She watched his chest rise and fall, and then felt his hand take hers. "That was better. Now you're fighting."
 He got up and pulled her up with him, not letting go of her hand immediately, instead holding it as they stood together in the middle of the clearing. She was shocked when he pulled away. He moved so fast she didn't even realize he had let go of her hand until he was on the other side of the clearing. She watched him pace the length of the clearing before he began to walk back toward her. Then he started running and she clenched her fists, and steadied herself. Just before he tackled her, she let go with both fists, landing hits to his jaw and eye.
*This excerpt is from chapter seven.

My Review

OMG! This was an absolutely freaking perfect adult paranormal novel. Misti Murphy is a freaking amazing author. The characters were perfect and that cliffhanger left me speechless.

Raven is the daughter of a Shadow and now it is her time to take her fathers role as his only heir. She went from having a normal life to a life that gets turned upside down when she meets Ash.

Ash is an Angel of Death that promised her father he would take care of her and that he did in every aspect.

Sam and Anna, Raven's parents act very different from how they are depicted which was good. Her father Sam being a Shadow was very loving and caring towards his daughter. Her mother Anna, however, was a cold-hearted woman with jealousy.

Luke was a great character and more so towards the end when he true feeling began to come forth. But finding out who Luke really wad threw me for a loop. I kind of guessed Luke was Ash in the little things they both said but more so from that tattoo.

Finding out who Raven had to kill for her test, the choice she made instead and then in turn learning who Ash had to kill was crazy. The Shadow king seems like a creepy guy.

The characters were well thought out. The romance and love "triangle" kept the book interesting. The truths that are revealed were great in every aspect. I definitely need to know what happens next. 

This book was perfection! I need the sequel like now!

Top 10 Paranormal Beings

1. Fat-sucking vampire (I know he doesn't really exist, but he does in my head)
2. Angels
3. Dragons
4. Shifters
5. Vampires
6. Phoenixes
7. Werewolves
8. Demons
9. Faeries
10. Centaurs

Author Interview

  1. How did you know that you wanted to be a published author? When I was younger, I wrote a story that I was told I should try to publish. The idea stuck with me. When I started writing seriously, I knew I wanted to share these stories with others, and publishing was a natural extension of that. 
  2. What are some authors/books that influenced you? I read so many books that this question is truly hard to answer. I read a lot of Anne McCaffrey books as a teenager, along with Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn Chronicles. I’d say they would be my main influence. I’m also influenced by Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. Also, I’m a huge fan of TV writers Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly), and Steven Moffat (Dr Who). Although they’re TV writers I find them both inspiring and influential to my own writing. 
  3. Where did the inspiration for your book come from? Three friends sit down one night to have coffee and a chat, just as they have almost every week for the last ten years. One of them turns to the others and asks “so, would you kill someone if you had to, to stay alive?” Two of those women had an opinion. The other thought, let’s go write a book about it, and try to see what it would really feel like to be in that position. 
  4. Where did you do most of your thinking for the concept of this book? I’m an insomniac. I struggle to fall asleep so I have always made up stories in my head in that time between going to bed and going to sleep. Plotting out my books and fleshing out scenes in that time has been incredibly productive. 
  5. How did you come up with the title? I wrote the original draft of Raven Falling in 2011, and for almost three years the book was simply known as Raven. I wanted the book to have a more unique title, as I felt it was a unique story. I ended up coming up with several possibilities and putting them to Facebook, and my writing group and Raven Falling was the one that people seemed to like most. 
  6. Do you find that you relate to any of your characters? Or are they inspired by someone else in your life? I love Ash. He just walked into my life one day and never left. He’s not a book character to me, but a close friend who hangs out on my couch a lot. None of my characters are particularly inspired by anyone, but having said that I’m sure there are parts of each that are inspired by real people. 
  7. Who is your favorite character from the book? Who is your least favorite? Obviously, my favorite is Ash. I think Tarra was my least favorite, because I haven’t delved into her story. In this book she’s only a friend, but while I’ve been working on her story in the next book I’m liking her more and more.
  8. What advice do you have for someone that is looking to publish a book? Learn everything. Learn about writing, editing, publishing, and everything else that goes along with it. Do it properly. Make your book the best it can be. Get help with the things you can’t do well. For me, that’s editing and covers. 
  9. Are there any books that you're loving right now that you'd recommend to readers? I’ve recently read Leta Blake’s The River Leith, which is a contemporary romance M/M. Not my usual choice but the book was such an emotional ride. Just such a beautiful story. Also, Tami Lund’s Into the Light. PNR. She writes believable worlds, and great heroes.


about the author
imageMisti Murphy has lived in a fantasy world most of her life. She is away with the faeries, the angels, vampires, shifters and dragons.
Misti writes to give voice to her imaginary friends, who want a real life on paper, where they can be free to be themselves.
When she's not writing, she is almost always reading anything she can get her hands on. She reads word like they are chocolate, and must be devoured in one sitting.
She can often be found multi-tasking effortlessly while reading a book and spending time with her husband, four children and two dogs.
She loves chocolate as much as she loves reading, and enjoys baking desserts that result in diabetic comas. In her downtime she procaffinates with friends and stalks Facebook.

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